Merchandise designs

MSA cup


Placing emphasis on security.

Meta Construct 2016 cup

Meta Construct 2016

Vivid colours. Colourful community.

Meta Construct 2019 cup

Meta Construct 2019

10 years Meta Construct.
As binary as this number can get, we celebrate our anniversary with a more "digital looking" mug design!

The resolution is 2362 px × 945 px. At 300 dpi this is equivalent to 20 cm × 8 cm or 7.87 " × 3.15 ".

The resolution is 4000 px × 4000 px. At 300 dpi this is equivalent to 33.8 cm × 33.8 cm or 13.3 " × 13.3 ".


The mission of Meta Construct printed on a T-Shirt.

The Braille-writing is completely custom and not included in this set. But don't worry, it's very easy to find free Braille fonts on Google.


The resolution is 2787 px × 2315 px. At 300 dpi this is equivalent to 23.6 cm × 19.6 cm or 9.3 " × 7.7 ".

MSA Mousepad

To guarantee a safe user experience on your desk we keep track of your mouse... So it doesn't slip away of course.


The resolution is 1299 px × 1299 px. At 300 dpi this is equivalent to 11 cm × 11 cm or 4.3 " × 4.3 ".

MSA Coaster

Protecting your table surface against leakage of any kind. We got you covered.

Any time, with any cup.*
* MSA cup recommended.

Meta Construct XMAS card 2018

XMAS 2018

Winter is the season where people all over the world start to reflect on the year that is about to end soon. Together with our friends and family, it's that time of the year where we're all reminded that the most precious thing in the world is the time with our beloved ones.
With this post card we would like to send you our best holiday wishes!

The resolution is 2394 px × 1638 px. At 400 dpi this is equivalent to 15.2 cm × 10.4 cm or 5.9 " × 4.1 ".

Meta Construct Card for End of Year 2021

End of Year Card for 2021


So what's next?